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Sat, Dec 16 · alternative · art rock · folk · indie · pop · psychedelic · rock · roots · singer-songwriter · vocal

Angel Olsen
w/ White Magic
9:00pm at The Orange Peel
(18+, $20 adv / $22 DOS)
Tickets now on sale

Angel Olsen's disarming, timeless voice is even more front-and-center than before in her new work, and the overall production is lighter. Yet the strange, raw power and slowly unspooling incantations of her previous efforts remain, so anyone who might attempt to pigeonhole Olsen as either an elliptical outsider or a pop personality is going to be wrong whichever way they choose - Olsen continues to reign over the land between the two with a haunting obliqueness and sophisticated grace.

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Angel Olsen
w/ White Magic
Sat, Dec 16
Tickets now on sale


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